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Don’t Pay For BitTorrent

TorrentFreak has a post warning users not to pay for BitTorrent. Apparently, there’s lots of ads circulating that try to dupe the viewer into purchasing a piece of software that is most likely free.

Most of them are lured by misleading advertisement, and flashy banners. They end up paying $3-$30 for a completely free application. In the best case they receive a couple of links to bittorrent search engines, and a bittorrent client. Support e-mails are simply ignored.

Pretty lame, but I’d imagine it’s a pretty successful method for bringing in quick cash. On the defensive, Bittorrent Inc. has launched an advertisement campaign warning users not to pay for BitTorrent. It reads “The Official BitTorrent is entirely free. Spell it with 2 Ts and 2 Rs”.

Ernesto, the guy that runs TorrentFreak, has noticed some of these “pay for bittorrent” ads showing up on his site. He’s managed to blacklist a number of them but they just keep popping up. And his blacklist is full, so he can’t add anymore. Google should take aim at these advertisers since they’re obviously making money off a free program.

But just remember, don’t pay for BitTorrent, ever. There’s a plethora of free clients out there. Don’t pay for access to sites purporting to give access to bittorrent movies and music, they’re most likely a scam. And besides that, almost any torrent can be found on a number of BitTorrent search engines and public trackers. Bottom line is you shouldn’t have to pay a penny to use BitTorrent to it’s fullest extent. It’s all free people.

Head over to TorrentFreak for more details. Ernesto has an image of one of the Bittorrent Inc. advertisements that are currently running to warn people not to pay for BitTorrent.

Well, now what?

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  • Dr.War

    I was a victim of this.. sucks ass. I looked at the help section at and found out it should have been free, and the client they “sold” se wasnt even a good one so i uninstalled it an got a better one…

  • That’s a major bummer Dr.War. Did they by chance sell you the official BitTorrent client that can be found at Or was it some other third-party client such as ABC or Azureus?