Done Smoking: Days 4 & 5

I thought it’d be harder, honestly

The urge to smoke hasn’t been as bad as I had expected. Not nearly as bad. I think I’d like to make it to two months without a cigarette, smoke one, then quit again, just to do it. Not sure the wife would go for that. In fact, I know she wouldn’t. :)

I’ve been using QuitNow Pro for Android to track my progress. It figures out roughly how much money I’m saving, how many hours of my life I’ve saved, and the total number of cigarettes I haven’t smoked that I normally would have smoked. It’s pretty cool, and there’s a TON of stop smoking apps on the Google Play Store.

I’m still using the 21mg nicotine patch, and will probably continue to do so. I toyed with the idea of stepping down to the 14mg patch early, but decided I might as well use what I have and just stick with what’s working.

At this rate, I don’t think remaining smoke free will be a problem for me. Yesterday, I had zero urges to go outside for a smoke, which was a first.

In a typical day, I’d get that urge to go outside to smoke about two or three times, and realized it was mostly after eating a meal. I was one of those people who always had to have a cigarette after eating a meal, and I think I’m finally getting past that. I hope.

Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone, it really does help. :)


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