Done Smoking: Days 2 & 3

The smell is everywhere

Pretty much the same deal as the first day. I’ve been helping out our local hardware store with their network, got a couple friends who work there, so I decided to help them out (they really needed it).

Got in my truck the first day to go over there and realized how fucking terrible my truck smells. Going to have to get it detailed to get the smell of smoke out I think.

Get there, and realize that a vast majority of the employees smoke, which I already had an idea of. One guy would walk by me and I could tell he had just come in from having a cigarette. I was amazed how well I could smell it on him, and I wasn’t even very close to him.

Other than that, it’s not been bad. I’ve been told to watch out for the third week, so we’ll see. Money and Sydney are big motivators.

I’d love to have a cigarette, but won’t. I haven’t had one since Sunday, been too long without one to give in now.