Done Smoking: Day 1

It was a really long day

I didn’t have nearly the urge to go outside just to smoke like I thought I would. I did manage to keep pretty busy though, so I attribute the apparent “ease” to that. I really had no nicotine cravings, the patch definitely did its job.

I did have a few instances yesterday where I got this urge to go outside for a cigarette, but got past it by doing a bit of physical activity. If that urge was still there, I’d just sit down and start working to get my mind off it. The physical activity usually took care of it, though.

I’m currently on the 21mg patch, and will be using it for 4 weeks. Then I’l step down to the 14mg patch for 2 weeks, and then down to a 7mg patch for another 2 weeks.

I’ve never been this long without a cigarette before, feels good man.


Well, now what?

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