Dog Bombing

Be warned, I drop the f-bomb very readily and multiple times in this post. Don’t read if you’re easily offended.

God, this is asenine. Seems the bad guys in Iraq have pretty much run out of suicide bombing volunteers. What the hell are they to do now? Duh, just strap some explosives to a dog and let him go! Seems like a pretty obvious solution.

You fucking pussies should just start doing the suicide bombings yourself. Stop using children, stop using animals. Just do it your damn selves if it’s so important to you. Or better yet, find another way to kill and maim. Why the fuck does it have to involve some living creature with explosives tied to it? That’s really fucked up. If they were smart, wouldn’t they come up with some sort of strategy? This just goes to show the mind set of the people we’re fighting. They have the inability to reason and make rational decisions.

I’m almost slipping back into the mindset that we should just nuke the whole entire region. I don’t see why we shouldn’t use the same principles they use.

Rusty, at The Jawa Report, brings up a good point in saying “Where is PETA when they’re really needed?”.

Insurgents in Iraq attached explosives to a dog and tried to blow up a military convoy near the northern oil centre of Kirkuk.

The canine bomb went off but the only casualty was the unfortunate animal, said police. The militants wrapped an explosive belt around the dog and detonated it as the convoy passed through Dakuk, 25 miles south of Kirkuk, said the town’s police chief, Col Mohammed Barzaji.

“The dog was torn apart by the explosion which caused neither injury among the soldiers nor any damage.”

You can read the rest of the story at the Telegraph. That’s pretty messed up they’re using dogs.


Well, now what?

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4 thoughts on “Dog Bombing

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  2. I find it more perverse that the US goes into Iraq in the first place. The UN rejected the idea, and asked for more weapon inspections, as well as peace talks. What does the US do? – goes in, bombs the place flat, and then asks the rest of the world to help fix it. Fuck off.

    Now we come to see the original reason was bullshit – no WMDs. In the meantime, the US has gotten closer to securing the oil they will need in the future, as well as killing a minimum of 21795 civilians [].

    Killing is killing -> the insurgents have AKs with low ammo, home-made bombs so what else can they resort to? Meanwhile they live in constant fear of being gunned down by snipers, vulcan canons, tanks, or blown sky high by air support. Sounds pretty fair? Back in the middle ages, the king rode at the front of the army, showing the rest of their people that they are willing to do some dirty work too; maybe we should send Bush and his lackeys there…

  3. I agree totally Pascal. Bush should go there himself. If it was me, I’d wanna be there with my people, not watching from a safe location.

    I’ve always thought Bush should act more like a fuckin General rather than just sit back and watch his guys die. Maybe the next prez will take more initiative. Doubt it though, cuz they’re all basically the same.

  4. Well the next one needs to really begin fixing things up for a change. It’ll be a terrible task, something I would not wish to ever accept responsibility for. Maybe Hillary stands a chance?

    Sadly, the general population does not learn from history. Last we saw WWII, 65 million people died, of which 6 million Jews, and over 10 million German, Austrian, French, British, etc. civilians. Mass atrocities were committed, ranging from the gassings, Mengle’s horrific scientific experimentation, and so forth – however look at it now. 60 years later (in early May 1945 Hitler committed suicide and the Nazi leadership finally stood down), and we have already seen Vietnam (agent orange, civilian mass murder, etc.), and now we are experiencing Iraq.

    Saddens me.


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