Des Moines Bans Sex Offenders

Mike Pechar has a post at Conservative Thinking (also at Interested-Participant) speaking of towns banning sexual offenders. I had heard a little talk of this lately, but didn’t realize it was basically going on in my backyard.

The city of Des Moines is banning sex offenders from living within the city. Enforcement of the ordinance in Des Moines is set to begin this month. It makes me very happy to see this happening in Des Moines, instead of halfway across the country like is usually the case.

Finally, the nation has a reason other than primaries to watch Iowa. Head on over to Conservative Thinking and have a look.

It’s highly odd that I didn’t know about this going on in Des Moines. It’s sad that bloggers not even living in this state are able to inform me of this before my local media does. Mike Pechar (and Chris Short too) are obviously on-top of things a lot more than I am. The Des Moines Register has an article.

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3 thoughts on “Des Moines Bans Sex Offenders

  1. Other cities in the U.S. are explicitly or implicitly banning sex offenders.

    It cannot be a long term solution. The “banning” of sex offenders from cities is logical at face value-if there’s no residence in a city that is NOT a suitable distance from children/ other victims, than its the sex offender who should be sent packing. I get that.

    But if you really think about it, this is a band-aid over a serious issue that will not go away. People in this country are enraged-and they absolutely should be- over what happened to Jessica Lunsford, the Groene children, and other victims like them, who were failed horribly by the system.

    The Child Safety Act of 2005 (HR 3132) and other legislation needs to be addressed immediately.

    Many emotionally charged, serious issues in this country are vehicles for political partisanship…both parties and all levels of government bear some responsibility for these outrageous crimes. For Samantha Runnion, Jessica Lunsford, Shasta Groene and all the other victims, Congress needs to wake up!

  2. If we force the sex offenders out of the cities they’ll move to the suburbs and the countryside. Are the police forces is these areas able to deal with sex offenders?


  3. dr brian neil talarico north bay suffers from a traumatic brain injury, and seizure disorder especially after he received a massive beating from someone who thought he was making a voice for vulnerable children…. …. dr talarico sexualized many young children… dr talarico covers up his crimes by making malicious false statements and lies under oath… dr talarico is not to be trusted around children. dr talarico especially has an obsession, or sexual preference for younger boys.


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