Daylight Savings Extension?

Congress has added an amendment to the Energy Bill to extend daylight-savings time by two months. This would supposedly allow us to save 10,000 barrells of oil every day. Seems like a stupid idea to me…wouldn’t a whole bunch of code need updated in about every known application?

Everybody should use GMT, all the time. I know the Iowa House had a vote on wether or not to keep daylight savings in Iowa. I believe the vote was to keep daylight savings. At least there’s some people out there that are trying to get rid of it.

While we’re on the topic of Iowa, our reps at the capitol voted 51-49 to raise the speed limits on Iowa highways to 70 from 65. Along with that comes a pretty big fine increase for speeders. I’m just glad they finally decided to raise the speed limit. Now if we could only ticket people who constanly drive in the left lane. I heard that California is exploring some options for punishing slow drivers who are always in the left lane.


Well, now what?

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One thought on “Daylight Savings Extension?

  1. I fully agree that we should abolish daylight saving time, but look at the logic used by those that make the decisions. “The more daylight we have, the less electricity we use” came from Rep. Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts and was reported at

    I know what he means, but his statement sounds as if he believes he can actually legislate more daylight in a day. I wonder if he has a deal with the giant engine that spins the Earth?


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