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I love the GitHub explore today emails. It’s a daily email consisting of currently trending repositories, repositories starred by people you follow, and repositories that have been starred by GitHub staff members.

The September 06, 2014 email included a repository that caught my eye, StylishThemes/GitHub-Dark. Apparently one of the people I follow on GitHub starred it, which is awesome. I may not have found this otherwise.

Dark GitHub requires that you have the Stylish extension installed for your browser. Stylish can be easily installed in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

So, before you go any further, make sure you have the Stylish extension installed. Click here for Stylish for Google Chrome, and click here for Stylish for Mozilla Firefox. Stylish is a very useful tool for changing the style of websites, they have an extensive repository of styles that you can apply to your favorite websites. As of this post, they have custom styles for 59,197 websites. Stylish is powered by userstyles.org.

The Dark GitHub userstyle comes with a variety of syntax highlighting themes, the ability to set your own background image, setting a base color scheme, and changing the code tab size (defaults to 4).

Installing the Dark GitHub Stylish Extension
Installing the Dark GitHub Stylish Extension

To install Dark GitHub, visit the GitHub-Dark userstyles.org page. Select your options (ie: syntax highlighting theme, background image, etc). I typically just leave everything at their defaults.

Once you’ve got the options set how you want, click the green Install With Stylish button, as seen in the image above. You’ll be asked if you’re really sure that you want to proceed with installing the GitHub Dark userstyle. If you do want to install it, just click OK.

Now visit GitHub and enjoy the dark colors! :)


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