Cyanogenmod 9 Is Really, Really Here

Well lookie here! Epsylon3 has released the first Cyanogenmod 9 nightly build for the Motorola Defy. There’s still a pretty hefty list of things that are broken, but it’s way smaller than it was last week.

Download links for the Cyanognemod 9 (CM9) nightlies can be found at That site contains links to various downloads. If you want to run Cyanogenmod 9, you’ll want this link
As expected, some things are still broken:

  • Fix orientation sensor
  • Fix Google maps
  • Fix 3D
  • Fix camera (will be hard)

Don’t think I’m quite ready to try this out yet. I’ll give it a shot on my Defy once the orientation sensor is working properly. Might wait for the camera to be 100% functional too, I use my phone camera often for taking pictures and video of my daughter.

Here are some screenshots:

You can find a video after the break.