Copy Is My New Dropbox Replacement

I’ve written about other Dropbox alternatives before. I still use Dropbox daily, but am always interested in the alternatives, especially free alternatives that provide more free storage space.

Copy is one of those alternatives, and I think it may eventually replace Dropbox entirely for me.

They start off by giving you 15GB of free storage. If you sign up from someone’s referral link, like mine (, you’ll get an additional 5GB. So you’ll start of with 20GB of storage, free. Get friends to sign up using your link and you’ll get 5GB for each referral.

But, if you don’t sign up from someone’s referral link, you’ll only have 15GB to start, instead of 20GB. You’ve also got to install the client somewhere (on your pc or phone) before you get the additional 5GB after signing up.

Their pricing is incredibly, absolutely sane, too. $9.99 a month will get you 250GB of storage, or $99 every year for the same 250GB.

I really like Copy because of it’s linux client and because of it’s Android client. Both are very nice and easy to use. I especially like the Android client because it will auto-upload photos and videos you take, just like Dropbox for Android does.

The Copy iOS client doesn’t do auto-uploads like the Android client does. I guess that’s what they get for using iOS devices. I have included a screenshot of Copy on an iPad mini on iOS 6.1.3. You can see it in the gallery at the end of the post.

The linux client is nice but I’d like to see it cleaned up a little. It consumes nearly as much memory on my Xubuntu 13.04 box as Dropbox does. CopyAgent uses 57.7 MB of RAM and dropbox uses 60.2 MB.

So, if you like this kinda stuff, sign up for Copy using my referral link.