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Lots of free cloud storage, 5GB for every referral 🙂

I use Copy a lot. I still maintain a Dropbox account for sharing files with friends who still use it, which is most of them honestly. But, I have such a crazy amount of free storage at Copy that I use it for absolutely everything.

All of my photos and video go there from my Nexus 4. On top of that, when my Nexus 4 gets full, I’ll just archive it to Copy, so I essentially have two of every photo and video in Copy. Dropbox holds just one copy of all videos and photos, I only have about 20GB of storage there, so that stuff eventually gets brought down to a local drive. Which I should probably just bring it local right off the bat and just skip Dropbox all together for that stuff. But I digress…

I’m currently using about 19GB out of 185GB available to me. It’s all due to this post I made back in August of 2013. It resulted in a bunch of referral signups, which gave me an additional 5GB each. I started out with 15GB of storage.

If you’re a blogger and want some decent amounts of free cloud storage, check out Copy. Drop your referral link in relevant posts and you’ll slowly start building up referrals and gaining additional storage.

Copy has clients for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, MacOS, and probably others. Just visit their download page. I’ve been very impressed with Copy and have been using them for nearly a year. They’re run by Barracuda Networks.

I dig Copy’s Fair Storage concept, which they explain like this:

We believe in a simple concept of fairness. Everyone paying for the same data they are sharing doesn’t work for us. We think that’s like going to dinner together and everyone having to pay the entire bill. People sharing content should equally divide the amount of storage being used. With Copy, you can split the bill. So a 12 GB folder shared between 3 people only counts as 4 GB per person.

Unless I’m missing something, that sounds as lot better than what Dropbox does. With Dropbox, if someone shares a 4GB folder with me, that’s 4GB taken away from my available storage, plus the other persons. So both of us ending up getting the 4GB taken from our accounts. Fucked, but that’s a topic for another post.

I still think you should check out Copy. I seriously recommend it, and that’s after I’ve been using it constantly for nearly the last year. I’ve a couple minor gripes about the Linux client, but I can deal with them.

Affiliate links are rampant throughout this post. If you don’t want to help me out, here’s a non-affiliate link for Copy, and here’s a non-affiliate link for Dropbox. Pretty sure you get extra space if you sign up from an affiliate link though, so, your call. Here’s the affiliate Copy signup link and the affiliate Dropbox signup link. :)

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  • Дядя Лео

    I use I got 1 TB for free on new year

  • sam

    I got my upgraded from following link to 10TB.

  • Hey, aren’t you afraid that Copy might eventually go offline if they fail to get a round of founding or something? This is what happened to Springpad lately (Evernote alternative).

    • bob

      Copy is owned by Barracuda, who sell security and cloud products to big businesses. Copy is just their push into personal and small business.

      • Very good point, Barracuda is a pretty well established company, at least compared to Springpad or Evernote.

        • bob

          Yep. Cloud storage on the personal and small business level is where the big bucks are gonna be for cloud storage providers soon enough. I imagine in the not so distant future that people will be switching cloud storage providers like car insurance. Anyway, here’s my referral >:)

  • ali

    I want to share this link for 5gb but not for it.for everything that with happinness.

  • a

    Nice try… both non affiliate and affiliate link are your Affiliate link

    • Honest mistake. I’ll get em fixed up. Thanks for pointing it out!

      • Patrick

        It’s been 4 month…..honest mystake my ar*e.

        • Had some personal things that took up about 3 months so just got around to getting it fixed. So, yes, an honest mistake, than unfortunately took me too long to get fixed.

  • Referral

    You can also use my referral for 15Gb free cloud storage space plus another 5GB free:

  • Phi M

    If you want to try copy, here is my referal link 😉 5GB for you and me