Communication in the Military

Communication between the U.S. Military and their contractors must be real shitty. I lost the story that I read yesterday about this.

But, there’s one company that makes the armor for the Army’s Humvee’s. A spokesman for that company said yesterday that they could boost productivity by 20% without any investments. He also stated that they’re waiting on the Army to “give them the word” to start making more.

I think this whole “lack of armor” deal stems from bad communication between all parties involved. The contractor could have made it known earlier that they can ramp up production without any investment. The Army could have asked if an increase in production was possible.

I still haven’t heard if the Army did give go-ahead to start producing more armor for the Humvees. I can’t find the original story I read yesterday, but here’s another one that deals with the subject:


Well, now what?

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