Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies

Chief Justice William Rehnquist died lastnight at his home in Virginia. He was 80 years old.

Lots of people think it’s gonna get really ugly for Bush in the coming weeks. I’ve got no doubt it’ll get ugly. He’s got Katrina, Iraq, and two Supreme Court positions to fill.

Jay over at Stop The ACLU expects to see a whole new level of looniness from the democrats. Rossputin asks some really good questions and tries to offer a little insight as to what we might expect:

The political implications of this situation, having two Supreme Court vacancies simultaneously, will whip radicals (environmental, racial, sexual, economic) and collectivists of all sorts into a frenzy of paranoia which will make the Roberts process so far look positively tame. It might even make what happened to Robert Bork look civilized.

SactoDan thinks the Democrats are already stretched thin and may have trouble coming up with a “combat” stragety. He’s probably right, the dems have gotta be freakin.

It amazes me that Rehnquist hadn’t retired. The man deserves our deepest respect as a country, no two ways about that.

Others covering include Wizbang, Scared Monkeys, The Moderate Voice, Michelle Malkin and Hyscience.

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