Chicago, maybe Portland

Turns out I’d be happier if I lived in Chicago, or maybe Portland.

American Cities That Best Fit Me:

65% Chicago
65% Portland
60% Atlanta
60% Honolulu
60% Las Vegas

Well, now what?

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2 thoughts on “Chicago, maybe Portland

  1. I’ve been to all but Honolulu, but I’d choose Honolulu anyway because I’ve been to Hawaii a few times and really appreciate the laid-back atmosphere of island life. Chicago and Atlanta are stress-pots. Portland seems nice, but it’s too gloomy there. And Vegas is nice to visit, but with the tremendous growth there recently I’d never want to live there. It’s too crowded–almost as bad as Atlanta and Chicago.

  2. I spent a month or so working in Chicago last year. I liked it pretty well. I’ve only been to the airport in Atlanta, and that wasn’t fun. I’ve never even been to the other three. Although I can admit I love island life…I so badly want to move to some island. I don’t even care which island or really which ocean, as long as it’s warm.


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