Chaos Theory

So, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory came out lastnight. I’m heading over to Ames this afternoon after work to pick it up. I’m really excited to give the cooperative mission a try. It’s gotta be wicked fun playin along with someone else. I think the cooperative stuff even works over Xbox Live and XBC (Xbox Connect).

I don’t know why people pay for an XBL subscription when XBC is around, XBC is much better in my opinion. Although the stats that XBL keeps on games is pretty kick ass. I keep hoping the XBC people will come up with something similar. Maybe XBC keeps stats for their real “customers”, ones that pay for their service. I’ve always just used their free service.

I wish I could find a good Xbox tunnel program for Linux so I could get rid of that one windows machine I have left at home. The closest thing I’ve found for Linux is XBox Gateway. As you can probably tell from their homepage, it’s not being developed any longer. And from what I’ve seen of it, you need to have friends using it as well, and you must know their IP address. It’s really a pretty sucky option. I wonder if XBconnect would work on Linux if I were to setup WINE…