Changing Domains, .org to .io

Maybe Google won’t hate me anymore

A bunch of scummy sites are using some of my old WordPress themes. The themes have links to in the footer, I think Google hates me for it, I dunno though. It started about 3 years ago. When all was good, organic search referrals from Google were around 15,000 unique visitors per month.

Now, however, the story is much different. In all, Google is throwing me about 800 unique visitors a month from organic search. I believe it has something to do with all of the incoming links to from low quality websites. I really have no idea though and am not about to hire some SEO company to fix it up or take the time to disavow hundreds of thousands of links.

I’ve got forwarding to now, but will eventually turn that off and just start from scratch, I guess. Unless Google can help, but that’s not probably likely.

Oh well. Only change will be the new .io TLD. It’ll be nice having a new domain, even though I’ll keep the old one around forever most likely.

Doing the forwarding so will end up at with 301 redirects all around. This is all that was needed in the .htaccess file.

Redirect 301 /

Well, now what?

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