0 Flatland, and a derivative theme, Flatland-Alt, are a couple beautiful Sublime Text themes. Flatland is available on Package Control, however, Flatland-Alt must be installed manually, as it’s not on Package Control yet. To manually install the Flatland-Alt theme, here’s the instructions from the README at GitHub: Installation Flatland-Alt is a Sublime package. Currently, you […]

0 I still love Sublime Text. I made a post a while ago about some of my favorite Sublime Text themes. Since then, I’ve got a new favorite, Spacefunk, by Twiebie. I like it a lot because it has a gray variation instead of the dark bluish color. However, it does have the dark blue […]

0 Without a doubt, Soda and Spacegray. If you’ve ever used Sublime Text 2 or 3 then you’ve probably heard of Soda, and maybe even Spacegray. Both are solid themes with great looks. Soda’s alternate tab style and folder icons in the sidebar are what keep me using Soda on and off. Every now and […]