HTML5Press Is Now RootDip

HTML5Press is now known as RootDip. I didn’t put much effort into picking a new name, simply because I don’t have much time to put into this thing right now (work,, book, wedding, 3 year old daughter, and more).

I’ve renamed the GitHub repo, changed every occurrence of HTML5Press to RootDip in the theme itself, and released version 2.5.4 as the first version baring the RootDip name.

In addition to the name change, I threw in a new font, Lato, from Google Web Fonts. It’s the font I’m currently using here at Also, RootDip 2.5.4 is running here right now. It’s a totally stock copy, straight from the GitHub repository.

Would have gotten around to this earlier but have been pretty caught up with and adding support for Dreamhost and Linode.

I’ll be submitting RootDip to the WordPress theme directory again, so we’ll see how that goes now that it’s got a valid name.


HTML5Press Needs a New Name

Help! HTML5Press needs a new name. As you may know, I’ve been trying to get it accepted into the official WordPress Theme directory. I ran the theme checker plugin a lot and fixed all of the issues it found, which were very minimal. It even works nicely with the The Unit Test. However, the name is more of an issue.

Here’s what the reviewer, ZGni, had to say on the ticket:

I don’d believe that HTML5Press is acceptable as a theme name – Reference: ​ for more details.
Due to the above Naming Requirement I’m resolving this ticket as not Approved.
Please see the link above and re-upload the new version with a new name – when done leave a comment here and I’ll pick up the ticket to continue with the review. I also strongly advise you test your theme and check that it meets all requirements before re-submitting it.

Basically, it’s because “Themes are not to use version-specific, markup-related terms”, like HTML5, as stated in the theme naming guidelines (Under the Theme Name heading). So, time for something different.

It’s time to get a new name for HTML5Press before I can re-submit to the theme directory. So, anyone got any suggestions?

I’ve come up with 5 really random ones you can vote on. However, if someone suggests a name that I really like, I may just use it. If nobody suggests one that I really like, the one with highest votes will be the new name. The poll will remain open for 2 weeks, ending 12:01 AM July 26.

What should HTML5Press be renamed to?

  • RootDip (33%, 4 Votes)
  • ScalableSteam (25%, 3 Votes)
  • WareChop (25%, 3 Votes)
  • LeanTweak (8%, 1 Votes)
  • OutputIce (8%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 12

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Update: I voted for RootDip. I really don’t want WareChop, so I will be very sad if it wins. This was a horrible idea.

Update 2: RootDip it is.


HTML5Press 2.5.3

If you’re new around here, you might think I release a new version of HTML5Press every day. I don’t. It hasn’t seen this much development since it’s initial release over 2 years ago.

2.5.3 is another small update that removes the “custom logo url” field from the HTML5Press theme options page. It also adds support for built-in WordPress header functionality. So, if you go to Appearance in your Dashboard, then to Header, you can set a custom header image.

Now, HTML5Press wasn’t designed with a header image in mind. Because of that, I decided to stick with the default image size specified in this article on ThemeShaper. The custom-header.php file in the root html5press directory is basically an exact copy of the custom-header.php that you’ll find in the ThemeShaper article.

I updated the theme submission ticket and attached a copy of HTML5Press 2.5.3. I also asked the reviewers to please not waste their time with reviewing 2.5.1 or 2.5.2, it’s exactly that, a waste of time. Fairly certain I won’t have to change many more things around before HTML5Press is finally accepted into the WordPress Theme Directory. But, who knows.

As usual, new versions of HTML5Press, including 2.5.3, can be downloaded from the HTML5Press page.


HTML5Press 2.5.2

I released HTML5Press 2.5, 2.5.1, and 2.5.2 early, early this morning. Why so many versions? Well, I’ve decided I need to get HTML5Press into the WordPress Theme Directory. Version 2.5.2 is all that you should care about though, unless you used the Twitter widget that was included with HTML5Press, in which case you might be upset with me (but it’s not all bad, keep reading).

I’ve had to remove the Twitter widget from HTML5Press as it had some simple caching functionality that required writing to and retrieving data from the filesystem. This isn’t appropriate behavior for WordPress themes, so I had to remove at least the caching piece before I could even submit HTML5Press for inclusion. Instead of chopping up the widget, I decided to entirely remove it. The Twitter widget that was included with HTML5Press can be downloaded as a standalone WordPress plugin, released by Matthias Siegel.

Also, WordPress won’t let you submit a theme for inclusion if it’s got any weird characters in the version, like a dash, which I use when building new versions of HTMl5Press (2.4-rc1, etc). So, I first had to bump up the version number to attempt uploading to the Theme Directory. Another version bump to fix an issue I found, and another version bump to remove the Twitter widget.

I haven’t updated the notification system that notifies you about new versions of HTML5Press. It still thinks the latest version is 2.5, which I’ll probably leave as-is until I get this theme accepted into the Theme Directory. Once it’s in the Theme Directory I’ll probably drop the custom update notification stuff all together.

I’m betting on it getting rejected this time around. Will probably need to implement the WordPress recommended way of uploading a custom logo, and remove the existing setup I’ve got to handle that.

HTML5Press will stick at the 2.5.x version for a while. I’m gonna keep using the 2.5.x versions to release new updates for re-submission to the Theme Directory. So, additional 2.5.x releases probably won’t include much in the way of new features. After it’s been accepted, I’ll start implementing new features again and will bump the version up to 2.6.


HTML5Press 2.4

HTML5Press 2.4 is available for download. Since it’s not in the WordPress theme directory, you can grab it here. It’s been over a year since I made the last release. Jesper has made some pretty noticeable changes to the design this theme is based on in that year+, and released version 2.1 on August 1, 2012. I’m just now getting around to updating HTML5Press.

The biggest changes in HTML5Press 2.4 is the overall design. You can see what the old version looked like on the HTML5Press page. There’s screenshots in a gallery at the bottom, all of those screenshots are of older versions based on the original design. A screenshot of version 2.4 is included with this post.

I’ve also added a shortcode for embedding the featured post slider on an individual post or page. Just enter the following shortcode into your post or page and the featured post slider will be attached to that page. It will pull posts from the category selected on the HTML5Press settings page. Here’s the shortcode:


If you have any problems or find any bugs, please leave a comment here or on the HTML5Press page, or, you could also submit a new issue on Github. I would encourage you to submit a new issue on Github if you do find a bug. I really dislike having open issues for HTML5Press, so issues/bugs reported on Github will generally be fixed much quicker than bugs reported here.