0 A jQuery Plugin for Making Circles My last post about the jQuery plugin Circliful was pretty popular. So, here’s another, detailing how to actually use Circliful. Circliful has a number of options that can be set as data attributes. Data attributes are the primary method for setting various options, such as the circle background […]

0 The easy way to learn web frameworks Notejam provides you with a very easy way to learn new web frameworks. All kinds of web frameworks, too: PHP Python Ruby JavaScript (node.js) Notejam describes itself like this: Do you know django/laravel/symfony/etc and want to try rails/flask/pyramid/etc? The easy way to start with a new framework […]

1+ Animated progress circles I use something similar, but not quite as nice (these are animated progress circles) on my Work With Me page. They don’t have percentages and are just hacked together from codepen.io. The jquery-plugin-circliful repository on GitHub is way more advanced than what I have on my Work With Me page. Cicliful […]

0 Plugins to ease development for front-end designers I saw jQuery-Plugins repository in my GitHub Today email yesterday. I’m a sucker for collections of cool things, and this repo is just that. It’s basically a collection of simple jQuery plugins that are very easy to use, requiring little or no experience with jQuery or JavaScript. […]

0 Modern progress bars for your forms Fort.js is cool. It makes adding progress bars to your forms extremely easy. It’s especially useful for signup forms, or any form where it’s nice to see how far along in the process you are. Here’s a short description from their GitHub readme: Modern progress bar for form […]