Flickr & F-Spot

I finally got F-Spot to work. It was a dependancy problem as it turned out. I missed some errors that were spit out on the console when f-spot was loading my pictures. “Sysetm.DllNotFoundException:”, that error specifically.

Turns out I had no file. Just a and So, I linked to Imported my photos back into f-spot and it generated thumbnails perfectly. Absolutely no errors on the console either, which is good. I’m happpy.

F-Spot is pretty awesome. What’s great about it is the fact that it tags your photos. So instead of searching for filenames or some other method, you give tags to your images to find them. Pretty much just like Technorati Tags . Tags are a big part of Flickr too.

Flickr is really sweet too. They’ve got a flash photo manager that’s pretty slick. It makes editing your photos titles, descriptions, and tags really easy. Although I noticed some lag on the actual changes showing up on my photos page.

So far I’ve only played with it for about 20 minutes. F-Spot integrates nicely with Flickr. F-Spot sports the ability to export your photos to Flickr. It even exports your F-Spot tags to Flickr. I haven’t seen any photo management software for Windows as good as F-Spot. I really like it. It’s kick ass it’s a native Gnome app. I believe it’s going to be shipped as a part of Gnome at some point.


Photo Management

So, I’ve been looking for some good photo management software for Linux. Specifically for the Gnome desktop.

The first I found was Glimmr. It’s a Flickr uploader for Gnome and is written in Mono/C#. It’s not really a photo management suite, mostly just a tool to tag and upload images to Flickr.

The second was F-Spot. F-Spot also has the ability to upload to Flickr. It also has a lot of other built-in functionality. It’s not designed specifically for Flickr as Glimmr is. F-Spot is more of a generic photo management suite.

I am unable to actively use F-Spot though as no thumbnails show for any of my images, they’re just blank. I have all required dependencies. It’s very disappointing as I was really excited to start using F-Spot. I even downloaded the lastest development version from the Gnome CVS, still no fix for the thumbnails though. I hung around in #mono on for a while hoping for some assistance, but none ever came.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for photo management software? I’ve tried Picasa, which is OK. But I really want something for Linux as that’s where I store all my photos. And I just plug my camera in via USB and it’ll be mounted on my desktop.