Hello DreamHost

You probably didn’t even notice, but this site is now being hosted at DreamHost. My main purpose for moving is stability. My server at home hasn’t been acting too well lately. When it gets too warm it’ll simply freeze up and will take 20 minutes to come back on. I’m pretty sure it’s a power supply issue. Simple to fix once I find the time to get another PSU.

Anyway, I transferred the domain registration and everything here to DreamHost. I got a wicked good deal. I paid one year in full already and got an 83% discount using the “DHM” dreamhost promo code. Original bill was $119.40, all I had to pay was $29.40.

I really enjoy DreamHost so far. I was able to replicate this whole site here on DreamHost except for the System Status page. It’s a great relief to have this site out of my house. I no longer wish to blatantly ignore the TOS provided by my ISP.

Please, if you notice any problems, get in touch with me.