Major Torrent Site Closed

As many already know, a major torrent site, was shutdown today. First there were reports the site had been DNS hijacked. Eventually their was a page up claiming to be from the FBI. Many thought it was a fake or even a site defacement. Then ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) posted this interesting piece about EliteTorrents. The ICE website is pretty slow. Boing Boing has mirrors of the files.

The screenshot ICE provides is amusing to me. You’ll notice the title of the video they have playing in VNC (the video player) is clearly a trailer. It’s only a couple minutes in length. And in the background they have the EliteTorrents site showing with a copy of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith up, ready to be downloaded. Digital Warfighter has the text of the FBI message, incase the site isn’t even accessible soon.


BitTorrent Search Engine

Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent, says there’ll soon be a torrent search engine on There’ll be sponsored links mixed in with the search results, which isn’t anything new. They’re going to index all types of torrents I guess, even ones that help people obtain copyrighted material. I think this is pretty neat, the MPAA and RIAA might not be too exited about it though. And they have good reason not to be.

Here’s a little bit from the Wired article:

Whiz kid inventor Bram Cohen and a small cadre of developers and entrepreneurs are in the final stage of launching an advertising-supported search engine dedicated to cataloging and indexing the thousands of movies, music tracks, software programs and other files for download over Cohen’s popular BitTorrent protocol.

I originally read this at Slashdot. It’s supposed to launch within 2 weeks. I’m excited to check it out. I wonder if the MPAA or RIAA will be purchasing any advertising space on the search engine…

UPDATE: Tried going to and was presented with a “Test for apache installation” page. I’d guess the search engine will show up at that address once it’s ready. So keep an eye there if you’re interested in trying this out once it’s available.


Trackerless BitTorrent

Saw this via the Broadband Blog this morning. I downloaded the new beta bittorrent client yesterday, compiled it, and it failed horribly. Dunno know why as I didn’t research it much.

Anyway, here’s the news as reported by Om Malik.

itTorrent’s new version is easier, better and well simpler. In other words, it is trackerless which essentially means “that anyone with a website and an Internet connection can host a BitTorrent download.” The torrent tracking tasks instead of the server, are now off loaded to the client. Downside, well not for users, for MPAA maybe. Many times downloads can kill you with high bandwidth bills. However with the new version, well website operators can simply use the efficient download paradigm of Bit Torrent and can get “broadcast TV” economics working for them.

This looks pretty neat. Previously, you’d have to use a tracker to distribute your files, which was kinda confusing to users. This new trackerless BT is more confusing to me than the previous tracker versions. Trackers are still supported in the newer versions. You can get new releases of BitTorrent from



I like TV. I especially like King of the Hill, the Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy., a site that indexed a whole bunch of TV episodes has gone offline for good. There’s a message on their home page about the closing. They indicate there’s some sort of legal action being taken against them.

The site has had lots of problems in the past. There were week long periods of downtime due to server issues and domains expiring. I’m sad to see the site go.


Comcast Sued for RIAA Cooperation

That’s right. Comcast has been used for disclosing customer information to the RIAA. I’m very interested to see how this turns out. I love hearing stories where ISP’s refuse to give the RIAA or MPAA any customer information. I wish all companies would take a stance like that.

Supposedly, no court authorized Comcast to give away personal information about their customers. I doubt a court would need to have a say in it though as copyright infringement was taking place.

Read the story @ C|Net