0 Stop receiving copyright infringement notices from your ISP because of BitTorrent I like BitTorrent a LOT. I’ve used it since it’s release around 2001 or 2002. Recently, however, it’s become more risky to download torrents from your home internet connection. Disclaimer: I am absolutely not condoning downloading copyrighted material, of any kind. This is […]

0 Lots of free cloud storage, 5GB for every referral πŸ™‚ I use Copy a lot. I still maintain a Dropbox account for sharing files with friends who still use it, which is most of them honestly. But, I have such a crazy amount of free storage at Copy that I use it for absolutely […]

1+ I use TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project) on my Nexus 4. Back in the day (read: 3 years ago) I used ClockworkMod Recovery, on my Moto Defy, but have since switched to TWRP. I believe there were some licensing issues that drove a lot of people away from CWM. In any case, you’ll want to […]

0 The post title pretty much sums this one up. CouponAudit produced, with a little help from longren.org, an infographic showing Global Cell Phone Statistics. I’m not usually a fan of infographics but this one appealed to me due to it’s simplicity and the fact that I am pretty obsessed with smartphones, tablets, and other […]

0 If you’re seeing this post, chances are good that you’re looking for the Nexus 4 mirror that used to be at nexus4.longren.org. After running nexus4.longren.org for a year or so, I’ve decided to close it down. The development around Nexus 4 software is starting to slow down now that the Nexus 5 is available. […]