Canada selling pot to very ill citizens

According to Reuters, Canada is the first country in the world to sell pot to its citizens. This is a large, beginning step towards the decriminalization of marijuana. I was extremely excited when I read this news today.

You should note that Canada isn’t selling pot to everyone that asks for it. It’s only available to seriously ill patients. They also stated that the pot project can be stopped at any time. Hopefully, nobody in Canada will cause the government to close this project down. It’s nice to see a government dealing with issues that matter to their people. I wish I could say the same for my government.

Update: I saw this on New Scientist this evening after I got home from work. It goes along pretty well with the content posted above.

Supposedly, the US government is going to start DNA fingerprinting marijuana plants. All in an attempt to be able to track any sample of marijuana back to the distributor, user, and grower. In my opinion, this is a step in the wrong direction for the US.

  • Andrew

    I think it’s good that at least the government is recognizing that very sick people can benefit from the use of marijuana. I think that the legalization of marijuana is something that we will see in Canada’s future. Maybe not tomorrow, not next year, but in time the government will realize that legalization solves more problems than prohibition does and that the punishment of adults for the responsible use of marijuana is unjust and counterproductive.