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Bush is Drunk

Not really, but the National Enquirer says he’s started drinking again. “Bush Drinking” is one of the top searches on Technorati currently. One of the few blogs I can find actually writing about the subject is Immigration Watchdog.

Not sure why Bush drinking is a big deal, people have been serving drunk probably since this country was founded. I’d be able to identify more with Bush if he did have a nip every now and then. I doubt wether he actually started drinking again, it’s the freakin National Enquirer.

Brian Flemming has word of this too. He’s got a related post about Bush’s bathroom note debating what he was drinking in a glass he’s holding in a photo. None of it makes any sense to me.

Well, now what?

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  • That video of Bush drinking is old as hell, I remember them playing that during the last two campaigns. I don’t even know why he’s digging that back up. Lack of anything better, most likely. I kinda doubt he’s drinking. He’s too busy causing hurricanes and killing black people to mix a drink, wouldn’t you think?;-)

  • OH never mind went back an checked the timestamp. It is old. Must remember to click links in order…