Bush Appoints Bolton

I hadn’t read this before heading over to Clarity and Resolve this afternoon. It seems, despite much opposition from the left, that President Bush has appointed John Bolton as U.N. ambassador. I love what Patrick at Clarity and Resolve said about this:

You know what I like about Bolton, kuffar? I bet you do. I like that he doesn’t like the U.N. Time to wake up and smell the Kofi.

That man is funny. Kevin at Wizbang also seems to think Kofi should be worried by Bolton’s arrival. I hope Kevin and Patrick are right.

Bush appointed Bolton in a recess appointment. That means Bolton will be ambassador until a newly elected congress takes office in the summer of 2007.

Captain Ed over at Captains Quarters adds that Senator Chris Dodd “tried a last-minute rhetorical block on Bolton’s appointment, warning the White House that a recess appointment would mean that Bolton does not have the “confidence of Congress” in his new position”. He’s also got a link to other recess appointments by recent presidents.

I hope Bolton at least attempts to stir up the U.N. They desperately need someone there to clean stuff up and expose those who profit from the U.N.’s actions. It’d be great if Bolton could do that, but I wouldn’t count on it.