Browsers: Fewer Switching

Fewer people than expected are actually switching to using something other than Internet Explorer for web browsing. I kept hearing all over the place that Firefox usage would grow to overtake IE. This may still happen, but it’s a long ways off from what I’ve experienced.

This site shows 62% of you are using IE and about 21% are using Firefox. And 59% are running Windows XP, while only 3.4% run Linux. Windows 2000 is second highest at 13.6%.

I suppose the number of IE users isn’t suprising looking at the number of Windows users. About 80% of the people who visit here run some form of Windows. Om Malik’s Broadband Blog elaborates on this topic a little bit more.

I wish I’d see more Firefox users here. I use it as my default browser on Windows and Linux. I can’t believe how much better than IE it is, but some people refuse to switch.

I’ve tried getting people at work to start using FireFox. They’ll use it until I leave the room and then they’re right back with IE. Maybe they just forget how to open FireFox. I mean, I only put an icon on their desktops…


Well, now what?

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6 thoughts on “Browsers: Fewer Switching

  1. Most people either are not aware or simply do not care. Most of my local friends still use Microsoft products piously. I myself, use Suse 9.3, a great Linux for any place, and a mixture of Konqueror and Mozilla Firefox for web browsing. I am very proud to part of the 3.4% of visitors who use Linux. 😉

    Concerning coding websites; I have my own little rant here. I stick to the international standards. W3C has theme all listed and I do pretty much everything within my knowledge and power to try and keep anything straight to the standards. Problem is, coding *both* for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and also for the international standards is a coder’s nightmare. You get things lookin’ nicely, validate it using W3C services, and then check it with something like Firefox, Konqueror, Epiphany, Mozilla, Opera – the list goes on, and then… …you open it in IE. Mayhem 80% of the time plus! It is absolutely disgusting. I’ve given up. Those people who use IE in the first place don’t deserve to be accommodated for.

    Oh, and btw, can you give me an inkling on how you get those statistics… 😛

    Have a good one,


  2. Pascal, I’ve been using phpWebTrace for the past month or so. I really like it. It’s sorta buggy though. Still under development, not real active development though.

    I’ve heavily modified the version I run. I modded it to recognize referrals from technorati and a bunch of other blog related services. It’s really neat!

  3. For HTNet, 51% of visitors use Firefox, 33% uses IE, 12% are unknown (most probably spiders).

    Next comes Mozilla and Opera at 1.1% and 0.9% respectively.

    So I guess for my site at least, more than half of my visitors are already using Firefox… which is a good thing 🙂

  4. God, I wish I saw over 50% people using Firefox. I get a lot of referrals from MSN search though, most if not all of those are IE users.

    I see a shit ton of bots too. The Yahoo! bot has hit me over 3500 times in the last 3 weeks.


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