Browsers: Fewer Switching

Fewer people than expected are actually switching to using something other than Internet Explorer for web browsing. I kept hearing all over the place that Firefox usage would grow to overtake IE. This may still happen, but it’s a long ways off from what I’ve experienced.

This site shows 62% of you are using IE and about 21% are using Firefox. And 59% are running Windows XP, while only 3.4% run Linux. Windows 2000 is second highest at 13.6%.

I suppose the number of IE users isn’t suprising looking at the number of Windows users. About 80% of the people who visit here run some form of Windows. Om Malik’s Broadband Blog elaborates on this topic a little bit more.

I wish I’d see more Firefox users here. I use it as my default browser on Windows and Linux. I can’t believe how much better than IE it is, but some people refuse to switch.

I’ve tried getting people at work to start using FireFox. They’ll use it until I leave the room and then they’re right back with IE. Maybe they just forget how to open FireFox. I mean, I only put an icon on their desktops…