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Blogs of War, one of my favorite blogs, has undergone some major changes. John moved the site over to Drupal from WordPress. I noticed the change a few days ago. A couple days ago John added trackbacking ability to the site. I really like the new look of the site. It’s much easier to read. Drupal seems to be pretty popular these days.

Take Back the News, also operated by John, still has the old Blogs of War look, running WordPress. I’ve noticed a couple bugs in the new Blogs of War site, but that’s to be expected for a little while. Overall I like it very well. Even more than I previously did…

One really neat thing about the new site is the various RSS feeds from other sites. It’s like an entirely different site within the Blogs of War site. I also noticed John had added my RSS feed to the Civilian Tech Blogs section.


Well, now what?

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One thought on “Blogs of War

  1. I had my nice experience with Drupal some time ago when I wanted to see what it could do, when I got my domain. I really liked the taxonomy system they used to classify things, because it works system wide, but I think for a true CMS, I would go for either TikiWiki, as my first choice, and then XOOPs.

    I think Drupal makes better for a personal blog/article site, but then again, if you want fancy stylesheets to download as well as hundreds of plugins I’d rather go for WordPress. Drupal doesn’t allow all the layout personalisation unless of course you know CSS, which I currently don’t…

    Thumbs up for both Drupal and WordPress (also, don’t forget to try out TikiWiki for a true, massive CMS, and XOOPs as a nice community management system).



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