I’m gonna clean up my blogroll tomorrow. If you wanna be included or want to be removed, just leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail. Gotta split some of those links into new categories. Getting sick and tired of the growing list, makes it too hard to find a specific link.

UPDATE: Probably not the best time to do this, but I’m using Spam Karma 2 WordPress plugin now for spam protection. There’s tons of comment and trackback spam every morning when I get up, along with a bunch of referer spam. I’ve tested it a little and it seems to work alright.


Well, now what?

Work with Me

I'm available for hire and always taking new clients, big and small. Got a project or an idea you'd like to discuss? Startup plan but no developer to make it happen? Just get in touch, I'd love to see if I can help you out!

Leave some Feedback

Got a question or some updated information releavant to this post? Please, leave a comment! The comments are a great way to get help, I read them all and reply to nearly every comment. Let's talk. 😀 is proudly hosted by DigitalOcean


2 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Gee, your blogroll’s about the size of my multiple blogrolls… Glad to be on there, though. Now that I’ve seen your blog, I’ll know to come back.

    So many fine blogs, so little time…



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