Birmingham Evacuations

I heard earlier on FoxNews that the city center of Birmingham was being evacuated due to a “substantial threat” to public safety. Only two days after the london bombings took place, on the 7th. Clarity & Resolve mentions “controlled explosions” being reported. Bongo Vongo says that a suspicious package was found on a bus. That package was detonated by police.

The Jawa Report also has quite a bit of detail on this. Jeff Quniton has a couple updates and a lot of links to news sites and blogs covering the evacuation. He’s also got a press release from the police.

Here’s some of what the BBC had to say.

West Midlands Police said people were being asked to leave the centre, particularly Broad Street, as a “precautionary measure”.

No vehicles are being allowed past the inner ring road into the city centre, and there have also been reports of controlled explosions by police.

Police said it was in response to intelligence the force had received. …

West Midlands Police announced they had received intelligence of a possible threat to the area around 2015BST.

Initially people were told to be on their guard and that bars and restaurants were being searched. Motorists were also told not to come into the city centre.

Around 2100BST the police announced that the city was to be evacuated.


Well, now what?

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3 thoughts on “Birmingham Evacuations

  1. It’s a balancing act betweeen being over-the-edge alarmist and judiciously vigilant. The obvious aim of the mujahideen is to push Britain out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and thus away from the United States (7/7, Madrid 3/11, and Bali 10/12 against Australia are all about getting to the United States by proxy). They haven’t done it with the 7/7 attack, so it’s not inconceivable that they’d strike again so soon. At the same time, it’s also useful to the jihad to have the nerves of the infidels jangled. Then there will be P.C. multiculturalism, Islamic “civil rights” groups, and the like to contend with. So far, Britain is handling everything with great aplomb, but the free world needs categorical unity to effectively face jihad, and sadly I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

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