Back from Colorado

So, we got back from Colorado lastnight around midnight or so. I started driving around 6:30 am on Saturday morning. It took about 18 hours total, could have been a lot quicker, but it wasn’t. We just made up driving directions on the fly, which wasn’t such a good choice. We ended up on a few county roads in Colorado for a while, which really slowed us down. Same thing happened in Nebraska and Kansas. We took I-70 from Colorado Springs to Kansas and then took a smaller highway from Kansas up to I-80 in Nebraska. Our total milage on the way home was about 1054. I drove the entire way as Ashley was my navigator.

We had a really great time in Colorado. I very much enjoyed meeting her family. I spent a lot of time with her cousins Justin, Andy, Kyle, and Brad. The house Ashley and I stayed in was huge. We had a hot-tub outside to ourselves every night. Some of her older relatives were staying in that house with us so we weren’t there too much. They like to go to bed early and we stayed up till at least 1:00 am most nights.

I took a lot of pictures. Most of them are pics of her cousins and their families “duckying” on the Taylor river. A “ducky” is a little personal raft for going down the rivers. I didn’t get to do that but I did get to go rafting along with Ashley, her dad, her aunt Kyla, and her cousin Kyle. Kyle and I volunteered to sit in front as we were bound to get the wetest. Nobody fell out wich sorta disappointed me. The water was freezing, about 45 degrees, so not quite freezing. We stopped halfway down our course to relax a bit. While stopped we did the “plunge”. There’s a rock in the river that you stand on and just fall backwards into the river. Behind the rock is a pretty deep spot in the river. I did the plunge and couldn’t breathe for about 20 seconds after hitting the water. Other than trying to breathe, it was good.


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4 thoughts on “Back from Colorado

  1. The “plunge” would have been very welcome where Carol and I were. At the state show ski tournament we stood outside in the sun for 4 days, from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It was in the upper 90s each day. A plunge would have been a great relief.

  2. Standing in the sun at a ski show sounds OK. Well, the ski show part does, dunno about the sun. My skin got a full 5 shades darker while in Colorado. It’s just starting to peel really bad. There’s a bunch of flakes on my chair at work already.

    Are there any ski tournaments during the weekend that Ashley and I might be able to attend?

  3. I’ll let you know when we plan to attend another event. There were approximately 25,000 people at the Wisconsin state tournament!!! Some shows were absolutely amazing compared to those we saw last year in Iowa.

    The Water Bugs got 8th place out of 13 teams in their division. Only the top 6 from Wisconsin advance to nationals, so they won’t be going there. Last year, they were division II (D2) and this year they moved into D1, which is the top level. They lost their good boat drivers since last year so aren’t able to perform as well. Last year they won the state D2 division.

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