Aussie Convicted for Pot Possession

This is pretty outrageous. An Australian girl, Schapelle Corby, has been convicted of possession of marijuana and has been sentenced to 20 years in prison…in Indonesia. I’ve never been to prison or even jail, but I’d guess a place like Indonesia is the last place you’d wanna be imprisoned.

B.L. Ochman’s Blog had some interesting things to say. Apparently the trial was even blogged live by a news service in Australia.

It outrages me that this girl gets 20 years for pot possession and the Bali nightclub bomber got 30 months. And he killed around 200 people.

Here’s a link to the story at It’s pretty sad.


Well, now what?

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6 thoughts on “Aussie Convicted for Pot Possession

  1. Yea, 4.1 extra kilos in her surf board. Something you’d notice, eh? It is currently reckoned that someone tampered with her luggage, however who would be so thick as to try an smuggle drugs into Indonesia? Drug dealers try to get the stuff here, into Australia, not the other way around. Plus, it isn’t that hard to find and purchase 4 kilos on marijuana in Indonesia, what’s the point and risk of trying to smuggle it in.
    Obviously someone either wanted her caught or she was involved; either way you only got the mule (the slang term for a trafficker), not the person who grows the stuff…

    In the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong thing I suppose.

  2. Yah, smuggling pot into Indonesia doesn’t make any sense. Just get some when you’re there to smoke on. heh.

    Someone planted it on her, or it’s possible she’s just retarted.

  3. in all honesty this surprises people if caught in other countries it would have been almost as bad!! Shes might be a drug smuggler should she walk? Im an American and in America if you get caught selling one gram of pot in a school zone your done for a mandatory five years!! So to get caught with ten pounds in indonesia and go for twenty in some nice cozy jail versus American prison, seems like a great deal!! Every criminal leaves a crying mother and family behind no matter the crime! Trust me im a convicted felon in America for selling drugs! Then in America you cant get a job a woman or any other thing but return to the life of crime!I feel for her but if shes guilty she got a GREAT DEAL!!!

  4. I feel you but in all honesty they are lien, they have toilets in their cells and all that and food wat food do we get in America food with hepatitis in it and other bodily fluids lol! Trust me i saw it and we cant even buy our way out! In other word to the average non criminal citizen they dont care what happens in prisons rape and violence is an every day occurence or should be in the minds of everyday citizens in our world! She got a big cell with a toilet and shes eating something shes good, she can get out and go home! In my personal opinion its terrible hear there and everywhere, she should not be in jail for twenty years for having pot even if she had it on purpose! But in our world pot is a narcotic in her case a class a narcotic which is silly, but she is very lucky she didnt get death like most traffickers in her shoes! GOD BLESS HER AND EVERYBODY WHO GETS IN THE SYSTEM ANYWHERE! Thanks Tyler for you response!


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