Atypical Man, Typical Garage

Karl Rove has a typical garage. Pretty mind blowing huh? Euphoric Reality has a picture, I dunno wether or not it’s real. None of the yahoo or google news items seem to have any photos associated with them. Or maybe I’m just blind.

The AP should kick their own ass, all the bandwidth wasted on distributing such garbage. I figure I might as well donate some bandwidth towards the cause. Don Surber has some pretty entertaining commentary. Instead of me wasting more time writing, I’ll just let you visit Don.

Linked at Outside The Beltway and The Political Teen.


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2 thoughts on “Atypical Man, Typical Garage

  1. T., that for sure is Rove’s garage. Notice how the garage matches the truly gripping inventory account. It’s been suggested that Rove’s high-tech weather generator is in the large box marked “Fragile”.


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