I’m about gonna bring a law suit against my landlord.

1. Dishwasher broken, promised to be fixed multiple times. A slight tug on the front of it will cause the dishwasher to almost fall out of it’s place in the counter. I don’t think it’s even hooked up.

2. The carpet in my office was supposed to be replaced before Ashley even moved in. It still hasn’t been replaced. It smells like cat piss due to the previous owners. Not so bad now that there’s about 200 candles in here.

3. There’s a leak in the closet in my office, very near the floor. I noticed a few days ago the floor was damp and it got my socks all wet.

I just removed Ashley’s christmas tree from the closet to prevent it from getting moldy and icky. After removing the christmas tree, I was able to see more where the leak is at. It’s right at the bottom of the closet somewhere. The carpet it so shitty I was able to pull it right up. The padding under the carpet is sopping wet, as is the cement under that.

I have yet to tell him about the leak in my office because he’s on vacation in Africa. Once he gets back I’m demanding to have the carpet replaced in my office, if he doesn’t, he won’t be getting much rent money from me. Why should I have to pay to live in these conditions when I could do so for free outside? This guy spends $0 on maintenance on this place…seriously.