Announcing HTML5Press

Back in October 2010, Jesper released version 1.2 of his HTML5 design.

I remember looking at it and thought it looked pretty nice. I downloaded it and it sat on my desktop for a long time.

There was a Blogger template based on his HTML5 design, but nothing for WordPress, so that’s where this theme comes in. HTML5Press is nothing more than Jesper’s HTML5 design with WordPress functionality added in.

I’ve got the theme setup on a test site, which you can find here. I took the liberty of fixing the CSS menus. In version 1.2 of Jesper’s work, there’s some issues with styling sub-menus. I doubt the average user would notice them, but I did, and they had to be fixed.

That’s really the only style related modification I made to Jesper’s HTML5 design.

Some WordPress features HTML5Press supports:

  • Featured Images for Posts
  • WordPress Navigation Menus
  • WordPress Widgets
  • Threaded Comments

HTML5Press is available under the GNU GPLV2 license. The code is hosted on Github. The official homepage for the theme is located right here on

A download is not yet available but will be in the next few days. If you really want to, you can download from the HTML5Press Github repo, but it may not work as I’m making changes at a pretty quick pace. Your best bet is to hang off a day or two for an official release.

If you do decide to download an early copy from Github and notice issues, please use the issue tracker at Github to report problems. As usual, let me know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. You can comment on this post or you can comment on the HTML5Press page.


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