An update

I got another HP Vectra XW machine working. I thought it had totally crapped out on me a few months ago, but it turns out it was just the video card. So I got another dual PPro 200 running now. All it does is crunch [email protected]

The power has been going off quite a bit here. So, once again, my uptimes aren’t very good. I’ll have to take my machines down again when I move, so I probably won’t get my uptimes very high in the next few weeks.

Also, the extraction of my teeth went pretty well. They gave me laughing gas, I thought it was pretty funny when they put the IV in my, and before I knew it I was zonked out. I woke up in a different room. My mouth is still bleeding pretty good. It’s kind of hard for me to sleep since I’ve bee sleeping most of the day. I suppose I’ll try to go to sleep now.