An Apology from Novak

Robert Novak, well known columnist and reporter, stormed off the set of Inside Politics on CNN. The video is quite amusing. Novack says “I think that’s bullshit and I hate that” while he’s mock slapping James Carville. Mr. Carville incited the whole thing I believe. James Carville gets on my nerves. I can’t really watch him. Personally, I think he’s not from this planet…

Anyway, Novak issued an apology today, saying “I apologize for my conduct and I’m sorry I did it.” CNN isn’t letting him on air anymore for a while. Novak said “I’ll follow their guidance”, not like he has a choice or anything.

Captain’s Quarters has an update that pretty much sums the whole thing up. Kevin at Wizbang has some interesting things to say about the book that’s on the table before Novak walks off. And the great Dr. Rusty Shackleford thinks Novak is just a whiny bitch. Pretty amusing.