America’s Lethargy

DISCLAIMER: Some may take offense to this post. I touch on the subjects of racial profiling for the good of the United States. Please note, I would NOT feel this way if we were not at war. I am not a racist. I feel that radically different security measures need to be put in place before we’ll ever start to see any sort of an end to the “war on terror”. More than that, to keep American soil safe from future attacks.

I know what I believe needs to be done in the war on terror. America needs to stop being sympathetic with the enemy. I’m not criticizing how the war is going, more can be done, abroad and here at home.

Americans at home need to stop fooling themselves about Islam. We’ve seen time and time again what these jihadi crackheads are capable of. Not many Americans know why they do what they do, I’m pretty sure I do. It’s quite simple really, they don’t like us. To them, we’re invading their mother land and destorying the islamic culture with our western ways. It’s like we’re (we being the West) a legion of invading aliens.

Now, if Earth really was invaded by aliens, I’d want to kill them. Likewise, the jihadis want to kill us, the invading aliens. No matter what we do or say, they’ll want to kill us. As long as they feel western beliefs are being forced on them, they’ll want to kill us.

They wouldn’t stop hating us if we got out of Iraq (wink wink Cindy Sheehan). They are determined to get rid of us. Some of this probably falls back to our supporting Israel. Fuck that, Israel had nobody else. They wanted to destory the jews, that’s why they’re pissed we support Israel.

There won’t be an end to the jihadist way of life. The killing will continue, unless Americans come to realize exactly what we’re fighting against. For the sake of our well-being and our future, something has got to be done.

Racial profiling is a must now. We know MOST of the jihadists are of muslim descent. All islamic muslims in the U.S. should be looked at very carefully by the government. If there’s any suspicion they’re funding, fighting for, or helping in anyway a jihadist group, they should be sent away to a camp within the United States for detainment and observation.

Some may see that as extremely radical, but it’s something that has to be done eventually. I don’t see that happening soon, it’ll take another attack on American soil for this to be done. I’m not at all racist. I care for my country and I see what threatens it most right now.

As for the war on terror, we need to use more info warfare. We should have people hacking jihadi groups web servers constantly. We should be dropping pro-american propoganda from planes flying over the middle east. Along with flyers, drop med kits and basic supplies. When a major terrorist player is captured or killed, make a big deal about it! If they see some of their leaders holed up in an American prison, morale will decline.

We should be making extensive use of snipers. Snipers have got to be one of the most effective ways to demolish an opponents morale. Seeing a fellow jihadist get mowed down from 2000 yards would have to strike some ammount of fear in them. These snipers should also brag of their kills. Put them on the news nightly with updates of their kills for the day. Something to that effect would greatly raise American’s morale and greatly diminish the morale of the enemy. This war won’t be won through the traditional means. It’s going to rely heavily on how well the U.S. military can wage information warfare.

I haven’t seen much news on American propoganda being spread throughout the region. I haven’t seen news on any type of info-warfare being employed. Maybe it is being extensively used and just not spoken of at this time. I can’t say. If it’s not being talked about, it should be. It will help the average American to see exactly who we’re fighting and why we’re fighting. Because I know 90% don’t know. We had a little political discussion at work today, I can’t believe how cut-off from reality some people are.

And liberals, it’s OK to be anti-war. It’s not OK to sympathize with the enemy. America is at war. If you want to live here in 20 years you had better realize that and stop with the political correctness when dealing with the enemy living within our borders.

That is all. No links, no news items. Just some important things I’ve been meaning to say for a long time. And thank you, American soldiers, for fighting to preserve our way of life and for bringing freedom to a nation so deserving of it. I don’t thank you guys and girls enough.

The point I’m trying to make is the U.S. military needs to vastly increase the ammount of pro-U.S. propoganda they distribute. And just employ some basic information warfare tactics for the love of god. We should be annihilating these guys in the info warfare piece of this war, I haven’t seen much if any coverage of it. When a high profile target is killed, we need to let them (terrrrrists) know about it. They all need to see what happens when they’re captured.

UPDATE: So I lied, there are links. The Jawa Report passed 2,000,000 total visits. Check out that link and the graphs. Sounds like Rusty didn’t expect The Jawa Report to remain so popular after it was removed from Google News for containing “hate speech”. If that’s hate speech, then I frequently write “god damn I fucking hate you assholes speech”.

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4 thoughts on “America’s Lethargy

  1. I think you need to go over what you have written and consider what you’re saying Tyler. A lot of your views are quite fascist, and could definitely draw unwanted, bad attention to your blog.

    As you might have guessed I stand completely against the majority of what you’ve claimed and especially proposed, but yea – consider editing that entry.

    Pascal Klein

  2. Good morning Pascal.

    I knew these posts would tweak your interest.

    Yes, some of those views are quite fascist. I realize that. Normally, in a non-wartime environment, I wouldn’t think that radically. This is the first time in my life I’ve been so conservative and am trying to help my fellow Americans understand what we’re at war with and why we’re at war.

    Most simply don’t know. I dunno if that’s due to sheer ignorance or the reluctance of the MSM to cover any of it. I know of a number of people around where I live that feel how I do. We (America) need to secure our borders and stop allowing suspicious types in. Just during wartime though.

    I don’t think I made that very clear in my post. I only wish this for the U.S. during war-time. Simply for the well-being of my country. Thanks for watching out for me Pascal.


  3. Bah! Fox News is included undoubtedly in “MSM”. It’s so damn funny when they say that like they’re not part of the MSM. Asshats they are.


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