America scared of naked people

I was reading on about how Prez. Bush slept through the half-time show. Towards the bottom of the article, there’s a quote from White House spokesman Scott McClellan towards the bottom of the page:

“Our view is, it’s important for families to be able to expect a high standard when it comes to programming.”

I understand that the White House has to take the most politically correct stance on every issue. I think it’s sad that sooo many people got pissed off at Janet Jackson’s tasseled nipple. Skin, is skin, is skin. The video of the event isn’t even very clear, when I first saw it, i had trouble telling if it was a real breast, or some sort of fake. I didn’t get to see it live, cuz the half-time shows are always worthless (guess I was wrong this time). If you’re interested, you can snag the video from the URL below:

The old link stopped working, so here’s another that has a whole bunch of media involving the matter at hand.