Hi! My name is Tyler and this is my personal site. I typically write about WordPress, Linux, Xbox 360’s, and various web things like CSS, PHP, and jQuery. I am an extremely proud father, my beautiful daughter was born October 12, 2009. When I am not spending time with Sydney or my wife Kayla, I can usually be found at a computer building something.

I’ve also written a book, it’s titled WordPress Multisite Security. It was published on August 26, 2013, about a week after I turned 30 years old. Check it out if you like that kind of thing. I plan to write other books as well.

I’m also the founder of kegplan.io, a service that handles keg pickup scheduling and orders, giving liquor store owners the ability to quickly see exactly what they need for the day. Liquor stores and microbreweries are out current target market. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, visit http://kegplan.io/plans/ and signup for any plan you like, they’re all free while we’re in beta. Beta users will also have a free account for life.

Another startup I’m involved in is kegplan.io. A friend of mine owns a liquor store, I-35 Spirits, and hates managing keg pickup dates and all the other related details. kegplan.io allows beer keg vendors to easily manage where their kegs are and get insights into what’s popular, and what’s not.

I’m also working on a few other bootstrapped startups which should be available around the end of 2014.

You’ve likely come here in search of my one of my WordPress projects. RootDip and Unwakeable are two WordPress themes I’ve created, and Thumbnail Viewer is my WordPress plugin.

If you’re not here for anything WordPress related, you’re probably here researching problems you’re having with your Xbox 360. If that’s not it either, you’re probably looking to get the Cisco VPN client working under Linux.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you feel the need to send me money, you can do so via http://pay.longren.org, or you can send me bitcoins with the button below!
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