50 to the Rescue!

Rapper 50 Cent, has come to the defense of President George Bush in relation to Kanye Wests slanderous comments about Bush and the Katrina response. Way to go fiddy! I don’t think anyone saw that one coming, from 50 especially.

Rapper 50 CENT has lashed out at fellow hip-hop star KANYE WEST for accusing US President GEORGE W BUSH of racism in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The IN DA CLUB star believes human intervention could not have prevented the effects of the hurricane, which killed over a thousand people in the US gulf states in August (05), and sees no point in reprimanding the President for something which was beyond his control.

He says, “The New Orleans disaster was meant to happen. It was an act of God.

“I think people responded to it the best way they can.

“What KANYE WEST was saying, I don’t know where that came from.”

Put that dumb ass, racist, hill-billy wannabe Kanye in his place. See the Jawa Report, Don Surbur, The Blue State Conservatives, The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy, and In The Bullpen for more commentary.

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