5 “Americans” Captured

5 “Americans” have been captured and are suspected of treason. All of them are seperate cases, none having ties to one another. All five of the so called Americans are originally from heavily Islamic nations. One of the guys, the Iranian-American, is a Navy veteran. He was arrested in Iraq while shooting a movie.

The Jawa Report has a few updates already. If I was you and wanted the latest updates, I’d check the Jawa Report frequently. Eugene Volokh said “Sounds like the real thing, not hyperbole”, in regards to this being treason. In The Bullpen thinking is right along the same lines as mine. They talk about how it doesn’t make much sense for these people to go from the U.S. to Iraq to kill Americans when they could just stay here in the states and do it. I just realized they got a new site too, looks good.

WhizBang thinks these five could possibly have ties to a certain mosque or other islamic organization here in the states. I wouldn’t at all doubt it. There’s gotta be hundreds of supporting organizations here in the U.S. If I were a jihadist, I’d try to base all my operations right at the center of the “enemy”.

Below is a little piece from the Washington Post piece about this.

Three of those being detained are Iraqi-Americans; another is an Iranian-American; the fifth is a Jordanian-American, Whitman said. The three Iraqi-Americans were captured in April, May and June, officials said. The Iranian-American was captured May 17, one official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the cases.

One of the Iraqi-Americans allegedly had knowledge of planning for an attack, and another was possibly involved in a kidnapping, Whitman said. The third was “engaged in suspicious activity,” he said, declining to be more specific.

Too bad Rusty has left for the pimp convention, I want more updates. Hopefully Howie or Traderrob will keep us up to date while Rusty is away.


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