4 more years

Well, as most of you probably know, Kerry called President Bush and conceded the election. I was kinda suprised he did it so soon, it was about 10:00 when I first got word of it.

I’m glad that Bush won. Kerry’s a weirdo. I watched Kerry’s concession speech durng my lunch break today at Ashleys house and it kinda made me sad. He and John Edwards kept talking about how the fight has just begun, but it’s really over for 4 years. Haha! You lose. Go home.

I kept a close eye on www.electoral-vote.com throughout most of the morning till I heard that Kerry was conceding on Fark.com.

It looked as though Bush would win throughout the morning. Ohio was leaning towards him, and he only needed like 11 more electoral votes. Also Iowa was leaning towards Bush, not that it would have mattered either way.