I hit 160,000 miles on my car today while driving to the office in Ankeny to get the internet back up there. I thought my car was gonna die around 140,000, but its still goin. I’d be REAL suprised if it makes it to 180,000 miles.

I went to the Ankeny office last Friday also. There was a lightning storm in Ankeny early last week and it fryed the DSL modem. Quest sent us a new one and nobody that was in Ankeny could get it to work. So, like I said, I went there Friday to try to get the internet up, but the replacement modem quest sent us was faulty. It wasn’t giving out address, I think the ethernet ports on the replacement modem were shot.

So, Quest sent us another Friday, and it arrived today. It was a totally different modem, lots newer looking. It worked with no problems. Quest refused to believe that the first replacement was faulty, after 2 hours on the phone with them, I convinced them to send me another modem…I wish the support people would just listen to me, I could school all of em at their stupid jobs.